Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It Was Just Like A Video Game

Fellow Texans, credit one 19 year old with ending the life of  a 200 lb. scourge, scoring his first hunting kill.  The Boy, home from college for the holiday, joined the duo of chefs Sevy and Chamberlain for a little east Texas hog hunting, leaving the house in North Dallas at 4:00 today.

As I was leaving Neighborhood Services at 6:30, post-dinner, the phone rang, caller ID tipped me off, "Did you kill something?"  I ask into the phone.

"Mom, I killed a 200 lb. hog, first shot.  I'm covered with blood."  OK, if you have a boy, you understand the excitement. 

Me, I was just as happy to stay home with Sister and watch Beauty and the Beast on cable.  Dang, now our three dogs want to know what smells in the garage refrigerator.

Whether it's pork or turkey this holiday, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, with plenty of good shopping mixed in.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Has Anyone Been To Bill Smith Cafe?

McKinney, Texas?  Because it looks like they're serving up a healthy slice of humor.

First Taste - Crossroads Diner Has Officially Opened

I was fortunate to be invited on Friday to a mock service meal at Chef Tom Fleming's new place, Crossroad's Diner on Walnut Hill Lane just east of Central Expressway.   Out and about running errands, I stopped by the diner around 10:30, and sure enough, was welcomed to my solo table.  Sitting at the table next to mine was Meaders Ozarow of Empire Bakery, and we spent a pleasant breakfast chatting across our tables about our teenage children (she's a Booker T mom) and the restaurant business in general.  

Serving breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, the menu is extensive for both meals.   As a hard-core oatmeal afficianado I love places that know their rolled grains, their's had the requisite bite and flavor.  Crossroad's breakfast specialty is a large cinnamon roll drizzled with a delicious caramel sauce and sprinkled with pecans - I could have eaten three.  I don't review restaurants, but I will say it's nice to have a new spot in the neighborhood to visit that serves a great breakfast and lunch menu.  I'm hoping this is it, they are certainly filling a niche.

Breakfast - click to enlarge

Lunch - click to enlarge

Friday, November 19, 2010

And Now, On With The Show

Been quiet on here, I know.  Who knew ancient sewing skills, long buried, would be dusted off for help with costuming this year's musical at Hillcrest?  With two other moms, we  managed to sew 29 golden dresses for one musical number (or a total of about 90 seconds onstage), and they turned out fabulous.  This has nothing to do with food, or restaurants, but it did eat up about 30 hours of spare time that would have been used blogging, thus the post.

Art doesn't get more "local" than a great high school musical! Seats for Hillcrest High School Theater Department's final performance of "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" (Saturday, 7:30) are still available, and only $10 ($12 for reserved seating). Hillcrest High School Theater Boosters would like to invite all in the community to come and enjoy the performance, ticket purchases may be made here .
As with most artistic endeavors, we rely on the support of our community. Thank you for coming to watch our show, we guarantee you'll leave with a smile.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Who Said Food Porn Is Dead?

Don't think so.  Just take a look at the 2011 North Texas Food Bank/Kent Rathbun/Central Market calendar.  13 months of pictures and recipes that will leave you wet drooling.  With photos by Pat Haverfield, Central Market underwriting and Kent's impeccable, 5-star sense of style, it's absolutely orgasmic delicious that 100% of the proceeds go to help feed the hungry.   Each month features an Elements by Kent Rathbun ingredient, and there is an accompanying coupon for purchasing same ingredient during the month.  So in a way, you get paid back for good food porn behavior.   Available November 16th at the Dallas and Plano Central Markets as well as , $19.95.

I need a cigarette and a glass of wine now, please.