Monday, May 25, 2009

Just In Case It Rains Today

Reminder fellow book fans, this weekend is 20% off the already low prices at Half Price Books.

Visiting the "Mother Ship" on Northwest Highway last Thursday added to The Collection, Mexico Through My Kitchen Window (1961) by Maria A. deCarbia and edited by Helen Corbitt - a copy signed by Ms. Corbitt ("Salud! Helen Corbitt") on the inside cover, unverified of course but only $3 more than the unsigned copy.

For $3 I purchased Zonta Club of Austin Cook Book (no year) with sketches of Austin landmarks by Betsy Warren. While an actual bound paperback, it was typed on what appears to be a pre-IBM Selectric typewriter and features ads from Via Addendam Railroad (Route of the Never Ending Railroad), Villa Capri Hotel, American Founders' Life Insurance Company and The Brown Schools.

From the Ladies of St. Stephen's Guild in Sherman, Texas, Our Parish Cook Book, no year listed, I would guess circa 1930's from the print type, style and the inclusion of the section called "Aunt Jemimy", which certainly speaks volumes and not about food:
Fried Chicken - Fust ketch yo chicken, have em fat en young en sassy too. Clean, wash en cut in pieces, uv de size to 'peal to you. Den salt each piece en dip it into egg or cracker crums end fry in bilin' lard ontil de rich brown coluh comes. Dress up yo deesh wid passley en po' yo' sauce all roun', you nevuh tasted nothin dats bettuh I'll be boun.-Aunt Jemimy.

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