Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Crossroads Diner Coming To North Dallas

Could this be the satisfaction of Dallas' fondest food requests?  A great diner?  Run by a former Yankee?  According to Tom Fleming (Lombardi Mare, Pappas Bros., Old Hickory Steak House @ The Gaylord, Central 214), who is in final lease negotiations for a location on Walnut Hill Lane, they've set a goal to cook the "best damn breakfast in Dallas".   "Potatoes?", I ask.  "Everything is from scratch", he replies.  Save me a seat, baby.

At the Dallas Farmers Market Cooking Series class this Saturday, Tom will be treating attendees with items he's planning for his chef-driven comfort food menu.    The restaurant itself will be a family friendly and value driven spot, cooking breakfast and lunch Tuesdays through Sunday, and an early dinner on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to start.  Partnering with Tom in the kitchen is Carl Strelecki, formerly of Standard and Central 214.  They will also have a beer and wine license.

Sevy & I drove by a week ago, and noticed someone had left the light on.  Tom says once the ink is dried on the lease, the chandelier (above) is for sale, as is a 4 burner wok and lots of indestructable green vinyl chairs.

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