Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bing Me Again, And Again, And Again

A few months ago I was invited, as a "member of the Dallas blogging community" (giggle), to a dinner at a nice area restaurant for a discussion of how could enhance my readers' experience when they visit this crazy little creative writing project.   I thanked the Bing Community Manager for the invitation, but having a conflict with an event that evening I had to decline, while perhaps also mentioning that, ahem, Sevy's Grill would make a fine location for any future tutorials they might be giving.   Jeez.

Whether it's Ads by Google, or Bling with Bing, I've always felt a little weird about partnering, like the more independence I keep, the less likely I am to get myself in trouble.   Yet here I go.  In hopes of getting a sparkling t-shirt sent to me like the ones I saw this week at the Fancy Food Show, I am going to say here and now, I confess to having visited the Bing booth no less than five times over two days. 

Not that Bing, Bing the cherry-flavored-sparkling-energy-drink.  So enthusiastic over their delicious, 40 calorie-per-12 oz. serving refreshing beverage, I shared it with the friends from Dallas who were also up in New York City visiting the show.  The marketing girls of Bing were not serving their product with vodka, but hey now, that's a great idea! 

So now, little ol' "accept no advertising" me is willing to wear their product name across her chest - which, I'm just saying, can be quite a statement.   And it looks like others enjoyed their bing cherry flavored effervescent refreshment at the show, it can make all the difference in getting this product into an HEB, or Safeway, or Albertson's here in Dallas.  Please.

They will also ship up to 48 cans anywhere in the continental US (where Fedex Ground Service delivers) for a flat $2.

UPDATE:  Just heard back from Petey and his Bing Team at Inspiration Beverage Co. in Lakewood Colorado:  "Right now, the Central Market - Dallas location is our only distribution point for BING."  I'm going to check it out and report back.
UPDATED UPDATE:  So far two Central Markets (Dallas and Plano) and no sign of Bing.  I am going to order some, because lately we've entertained ourselves with cocktail concoctions we could create using Bing as a mixer.  Now we have to try them out.  Bing-A-Ling, anyone?  How about a Bing Me Manhattan?

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