Friday, June 25, 2010

How To Score A Goal In Service (World Cup Version)

Service is kind of like a soccer match - it's full of opportunities to score, and misses.  A few months ago I took Sister for her first visit to one of my favorite restaurants, I knew she'd love it and I was right.  We had a good server, in all respects technically good.  But during the appetizer portion of our meal, as we were faux fighting over the last deep fried asparagus spear (while the waiter laughed along with us) the damn thing flipped from both our forks and landed on the floor.  Awwww.  Completely our fault, granted, but an opportunity for the restaurant to make the goal........and missed.  The waiter simply laughed at the little guy on the floor, picked him up and that was the end. 

Now imagine if he had taken that situation, and gone back into the kitchen to get one more spear, just one, to present to us to "settle" our competition over who was going to get it.  Score. 

Tonight at Torchy's Taco's I had a manager score a goal off of a foul.  Twenty minutes after placing my to-go order, after people behind me in line were almost finished eating, they discovered my ticket was lost in the kitchen - no food started.  OK - first let me say they've been open for FOUR DAYS, so this is not the situation to be angry about.  But I wanted to see what the manager would do, so after requesting her and explaining reasonably the situation, Ms. Manager Kate delivered the points. 

I'd ordered 6 tacos and Kate gave me coupons for 6 free ones for future visits.  I'd ordered their deep-fried chocolate chip cookie balls (3 to an order) for three 15 year old girls, Kate gave me 3 more.  And the dude with the awesomely tatooed arms (best elbow I've ever seen done, IJS) sent me home with all three flavors of their brownies. (We are currently buzzing on sugar here, just sayin').

So yes, not all service scores a goal.  But I'm glad I gave Torchy's a chance to kick a penalty shot, because they delivered.  Missed goal or not, I'll be back.  Welcome, Torchy's, to our neighborhood.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Can't wait to check it out