Monday, June 21, 2010

Memory Lane, Name the Chefs - Chapter 1

I have been shoveling cleaning out Corporate for two days now, and it looks like there's another 2 days of work left to go.  I'm not the most enthusiastic secretary when it comes to filing, let's just say I save it up for a 4-day file-a-thon.  Kind of like blog posts sometimes.

This week in the interest of (little) time, I will be posting old pictures from Dallas' kitchens.  So it's time for another contest:  whoever is first to name all twelve chefs in the picture above wins a $25 Sevy's gift certificate (hint, middle row right happens to be my boss).

UPDATE:  I'm changing the rules - whoever names the MOST chefs in the picture above wins (about 3/4 have their names on their chest, just sayin').  And this contest is open to everyone - professional or not.


TG said...

hmmmm let's see. the guy way over on the right, i think that's Jim Severson? chef at Sevy's.


Michael said...

Top row next to last dude is Marc Cassel.
Second row: Samir Dhurandhar, Gilbert Garza, Joann Bondy, dude, chick, Love of your Life.
bottom row: Chris Lalonde and former owner of Liberty Noodles (Ann Wong?).
Now the real question: where was this picture taken?