Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started

I started my New Years Eve Blog-A-Thon last year thinking I would be spending the evening at home while Sevy worked down at the restaurant.  There were so many New Years A-Thons going on, and I had a to-do list of posts that had been growing not shrinking - it seemed like a fun way to end the year.  I ended up being invited to my own restaurant by friends and spending the evening with those I love, but I still managed to get in 10 posts during the day.  

This year I thought the same, an evening as a work widow, but was invited to dine at the home of some friends later this evening so I'll be working with the same time period to complete my posts as last year.  While I have a list, I have not pre-written any of these, except in my head.  And because I am very bad about editing before posting (STOP, reread, post), several errors will have to be revisited and corrected.

Part of being married to a chef is not minding that he works nights.  And some of those nights are holidays.  It's never been a problem, we have many other nights that we can spend celebrating and to tell the truth, for an early bird like me midnight is not so attainable, nor desireable.  Because it is the busiest night of the year for most restaurants (Valentines comes in second) those who love the heat and the scurry of a busy, well-running kitchen love being at work on this evening.  That would be the man I married.

Welcome to my Blog-A-Thon, and yes this counts as post #1.

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