Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten Posts and Holding

Wow, I thought, I'm already at 10 posts.  Then I looked up and saw it was 5:22 pm and I'm still sitting in my pj's.  In my defense, I've also stopped to print about 70 extra New Years Eve menus for the restaurant since it turns out we've got a very busy evening ahead.  I've done all the easier posts on my list, the ones left may take more time to properly write than I have time left.  So I'm first going to shower and change, then see what I can do from there.  And I may post a few to kick off the New Year tomorrow as well.

Rear Window - that makes Hitchcock movie number 5 for today.

UPDATE:  No more time for more posts, but am posting an update to "Too Much Cheer?  Take A Cab".  Tomorrow look for chocolate bacon, Robin Haas, "C is for Capacity", and midlife crisis - not all at once.

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