Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Much Cheer? Take A Cab Tonight

Seriously, nobody wants to hurt anyone else and it is such an easy option to either 1) limit consumption or 2) get a cab .  And I watch TXCN almost every morning between 3:30 and 5:00, it sounds like every single police force possible will be on patrol tonight looking for overimbibers.  Here's a site to help you plan ahead to stay below the drunk driving limit, it also has some handy FAQ's about getting sober "myths".

One of my girlfriends adds about 1/3 club soda to her wine, personally if it's not exquisite wine I've been known to add a couple ice cubes to the last half of a glass of chardonnay.  It's about enjoying consumption, but also being able to drive safely.

So do whatever it takes, maybe for some that means staying home and enjoying the holidays to their utmost.  Just don't take it on the road.

UPDATE:  Apparently there's "An APP for that", was catching up with today's Wall Street Journal about an application you can download to let you know if you're too drunk to drive.  Brilliant.   I don't have an I-Phone but I'm going to see if there's something like that for mine.

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