Thursday, December 31, 2009

Delights From Michigan

It's become so easy to ship food to relatives in other states, in prior years we've been the sender and recipient of The Mozzarella Company, Lou Malnati's Pizza Hot Damn Tamales, and Steve Connolly Seafood.  This year we received something new from our Michigan brethren, and from the time we opened the plain  box exterior, this gift was a delight.

Jim and I grew up in Michigan, but in the Green/White part of the state, not the Maize/Blue part, so Zingerman's Deli was new to us.  Within this box, 100% covered with art, were four crusty loaves of flavored breads.  They came wrapped in similarly artistic paper bags that included instructions for heating or freezing for later consumption.  Also included were enough large plastic bags and twistees to double bag each loaf should they not be able to be consumed immediately. 

Our box arrived on the eve of Christmas Eve so we enjoyed a loaf of Cranberry Pecan Bread and half a  Roadhouse Loaf on Christmas morning, baked to the instructions on the bag they were outstanding. We froze the other half of the Roadhouse as well as the Chocolate Sourdough and 8 Grain to enjoy on New Years morning.

I see from their website that they have many more delicious products that can be shipped, including their Peppered Bacon Farm Bread and items especially for the New Year.  I can see ordering this as a gift again in the future, maybe even to gift to ourselves!

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