Friday, January 1, 2010

Now This Could Be Fair Food

Unquestionably a high-quality dark chocolate was used to make the chocolate bar we received in a gift bag from friends.  From the packaging of this delicacy, one assumed (at least I did) it would be more like a strip of bacon dipped in chocolate.  But it wasn't.  In a perverse way the flavors worked, but the execution didn't - it was more like a bacon-bits Crunch Bar.  I asked Ann Connally of Canyon Specialty Foods why it would be like that, she explained to use bacon and have any kind of shelf life you first have to render all of the fat from the bacon.  Which raises the question, do we eat bacon for the fat, or the meat?

I confess I'm about the fat, not so much the meat, but imagination ignited I thought what a marvelous Texas State Fair Food this could be if made fresh, deep frying the bacon and then dipping-to-order in chocolate.  2-3 slices could sell for....$6 ?  Cost maybe $1?  That's as good a margin as the Fried Green Tomatoes trailer out in Canton.  Maybe that's what we need at the next State Fair, a Fried Green Tomatoes and Chocolate Bacon stand - the deep fryer would flavor the fried tomatoes with bacon flavoring as well, yum..  Anyone up for that?

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