Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Artin's Grill in Plano is Open

Dining out anonymously in Plano can be a challenge for a chef/owner who's been around for 25 plus years.  Sevy and I went on "date night" last night with Richard  Chamberlain and wife Lisa, and they knew people at both restaurants we were checking out.    Not just staff, but guests came by to say "Hi" to this great guy - and he doesn't even have a TV reality show!

We had intended to have some appetizers at Coast Global Seafood, but on the walk from the parking  garage noticed a new place had opened directly across the street.  Artin's Grill, according to Chef Christopher Short (who knew RC) it has been open for one-and-a-half weeks.  And he confirmed after we took a gander at their menu, they are directly positioned to compete with Houston's, their menu style and layout is very, very similar.  I would describe their decor as, Tall.  But I don't review restaurants on this blog.

I didn't try either of the appetizers the boys ordered at the bar (Calamari $9, Taquito's $9), my calories were devoted to wine (Mer Soleil $16) and I don't know if the Absoluts the boys drank ($7) were a good price or not since I (rarely) drink vodka.   LC was our designated driver and had water - good girl.   They do not seem to have a website up yet.  The only two guests dining stopped by on their way out - their daughter had graduated with the Chamberlain's daughter last year.  Does everyone up here know Richard?  It appears so.

We couldn't stay long - we were hurrying back to catch Chefriend Kent on the Channel 5 news.  Boy does he look wonderful with his new hip!

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Rocio i said...

Hello Amy,

It was very nice to meet you last night. I'm enjoying reading your blog. I love your tip for winter protection on trees! What a fantastic idea!
Hugs, kisses and shoes,
Rocio ildemaro