Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diploma, Diploma, Who's Got the Diploma?

That little devil Lucian LaBarba has it in his mind to one day do a scholarship fundraiser in Dallas for that new culinary school growing up down in San Antonio.   What a meal that could be, I'll help.  

The CIA (Hyde Park) alumni I know of here in Dallas are at some of the finest joints in town.  There's Sevy, Kevin Garvin, Dean Fearing, George Brown, Anthony Bombaci, Samir Dhurandhar, Doug Brown, Sharon Hage, Brian Luscher, Joel Harloff.

I know there's quite a few more, so if you know of any feel free to leave their names here.

UPDATE:  Shi*!  Holben - David Holben.  I am so sorry!

UPDATE UPDATE:  Katie Brown, again, apologies - I should be shot for missing that one.

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