Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun-Raising Friday, Chapter 2 - It's in the Mail

Whew, this month I've done three separate batches of gift certificates for charitable donations.   It's one of my favorite duties, kind of like Christmas each time you send those envelopes out.  And since this took up so much of my time, and in the interest of letting neighbors know, I'll share with you the events that are on the calendar so far:

January:  SPCA Paws Cause (1/24-reports Karol Wilson, "It went very well"), The Stewpot (1/26 - see story below), Holy Trinity Catholic School (1/31).

February:  Kramer Elementary (2/5), American Red Cross, Dallas (2/6), St. Rita School (2/6), Moss Haven Elementary (2/6), St. Monica School (2/7), Dallas Wind Symphony (2/13), Ursuline Academy (2/13),  Hillcrest High School (2/27), Greenhill Gala (2/27), St. Mark's School (2/27), Les Dames d'Escoffier (2/28).

March:  Hyer Elementary (3/5), Parish Episcopal School (3/6), Hockaday School (3/6), Good Shepherd Episcopal School (3/6), Dallas Lutheran School (3/6), Lamplighter School (3/6), Junior Charity League (3/26), Jesuit College Prep (3/27).

April:  TX Neurofibromatosis Foundation (4/7), Junior League of Dallas (4/8), Dallas Symphony Orchestra League (4/10), Highlander School (4/20), Bradfield Elementary (4/23).

Let me apologize if your charity is not on this list.  In general, we find something to give to almost any verifiable charity that asks.  Sometimes these requests get buried, after all some come in as much as 6 months before an event (too early, people).  Sometimes it's how you ask, in which case I have a few tips, here, on how best to achieve a "yes".   And then there are the certificates that are supposed to be picked up, yet stay in our files until we have to throw them away, months after the event has taken place.

Glad to see there's still so much good being done around Dallas.

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