Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun-Raising Friday, Chapter One - Super Soup

What do you get when you have seven of Dallas' top chefs making soup for 600 of Dallas' top-givers?  Approximately $250,000 according to Brian Luscher of The Grape, who headed up this year's Soups On! fundraiser for The Stewpot Alliance at the Bridge.  The event was held this past Tuesday at Union Station, and Pegasus News has some delicious photos of the dining room, the beautiful art auctioned off and the guests.    The theme of the event was Campbell's Tomato Soup, and it made a delightful visual of red and white, which was handy because all those cans of soup could then be used to help feed the homeless.  Brilliant.

My photos were of the group in the back, putting final touches on their soups, checking out the great kitchen Wolfgang Puck Catering has installed, waiting for the seating.  Then all of a sudden, BAM! (Sorry Emeril) they had to dish up and garnish 600 bowls within 10 minutes to serve to the guests.  Helping make this a great event were Chefs Brian Luscher (The Grape), Jim Severson (Sevy's Grill), Marc Cassel (Park), Joel Harloff (Dali), Keith Hanks (Capital Grille), David McMillan (Screen Door), Abraham Salum (Salum).   Wolfgang Puck Catering supplied some warm-from-the-oven breads and a delicious smelling Asian-themed salad.

I didn't get the names of any of the soups, one was a coconut milk-asian flavored vegetable soup, there was a gumbo, a mushroom bisque, and for the vegans (and gluten-free) a special tomato-basil soup was made - all were terrific.  We served our Corn Chowder, which Sevy garnished tableside with some butter-poached lobster. (Was that a chest-bump with the mayor - where was my camera?)

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R Marmaduke said...

I'm continually impressed with how generous the top chefs in our city are with their time and talent. We are very lucky to have them doing so much for different charities. It makes me enjoy eating at their restaurants even more.