Thursday, June 17, 2010

Restaurant Scam Underway In Dallas

I heard about a variation on this scam on the news (yesterday?), wherein "city inspectors" were showing up at suburban businesses saying that they were there to perform a necessary inspection and the business would have to (immediately) pay a fee to the inspector if they wanted to "pass".  It may have been a local station, or it may have been on TXCN about another Texas city, in which case the scam has now moved to restaurants in Dallas.

Yesterday at the restaurant we received a call from the "city health department" saying we were due for an inspection, referring to Case #90908, and they would be coming by to perform the inspection.  Apparently they didn't realize we'd just HAD our city inspection, so Sevy's called the City of Dallas to ask "What's what?".

The city replied that it has received three other calls today from restaurants in Dallas who have received these same calls.  So if they happen to come by, do us all a favor.  Take them in the kitchen and yell to your staff, "Estos chicos son de Arizona y que 'El Tri' lleva su ropa interior madres."  Then just leave them in the kitchen with your guys while you call the police.

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