Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memory Lane, Who Dat? - Chapter 2

From top, clockwise:  MM (left) with Robert Del Grande (Cafe Annie, Houston) at S. Texas Deer Ranch, 1988; MM (right) wth Sevy (left) in Florida circa 1992;  1989, Aspen Food & Wine Festival (from left), MM, Richard Chamberlain, Lisa Chamberlain, Sevy.

Let's just call him Mystery Man, or MM for short.  While here he earned raves for his cuisine, but I won't say where.    If you can give him a name and the place he imprinted with his excellent cuisine, you win a jar of Sevy's Ancho Chile Relish.   If you can give me the details on where he is now living and working, I'll cough up a $25 Sevy's Grill gift certificate.  Because there's a bunch of us here who miss him. 


Ron Rosenbaum said...

Looks like Robbin Haas to me. Sorry, but don't know where he is.

Ron Rosenbaum CEC
The Casino

Ron Rosenbaum said...

Oh yeah...Loews Anatole Hotel. Robbin hired me as Nana Grill Chef back in 1989.