Friday, June 4, 2010

Cooking For Success in DISD

Yeah, duh, if you've been reading this blog you'd know that I'm thrilled about the news of success in DISDNot that news, the news that Chef Brad Trudeau, Director of Production and Procurement is heading to the White House to help Michelle Obama figure out a better diet for school kids.  He, along with hundreds of chefs, school nutritionists and others are promoting "Chefs Move To Schools", which by its description sounds very much like the Days of Taste program held every year at the Dallas Farmers' Market. 

By bringing in chefs (and food producers) to talk to kids, and helping them find a way to make that food taste good, they are changing the impression kids have of fresh vegetables, and any mom knows that's half the battle.  One interesting addition to the First Lady's program is teaching the parents how to prepare fresh vegetables that the kids will like via cooking classes up at school.  I cannot tell you how many children participate in Days of Taste who have either, 1) never tasted most of the vegetables found in the market, or 2) a negative impression of how they taste.  Let's change that, shall we?

Brad Trudeau participates in Days of Taste, the picture above is from two years ago when he talked to the kids of Kramer Elementary (rated Academically Exemplary this year, applause) about the food they eat.  I remember him as a patient, quiet man who enjoyed answering the wacky questions 4th graders can sometimes come up with. 

Congratulations Brad - and remember, don't stop until every school has a salad bar!

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