Friday, June 25, 2010

Memory Lane, What Red-Blooded Girl Wouldn't Want A Guy Who Cooks Like This? Chapter 4

I remember the night I met my husband-to-be, at Beer Tent (aka Red Cedar Jubilee) in Williamston, Michigan 27 years ago this month.  Blue eyes, deep tan, tennis player legs, and can cook?  Dumb I've never been (and only stupid on a few occasions), I went for it.  In the intervening years we've put each other through college, lived in Dallas, Los Angeles, Poughkeepsie/Hyde Park (NY), raised two great kids, founded a business and faced cancer together.   It's been a delicious recipe.  I love you honey.


Betsy Weber Hurst said...

He's still a looker, Amy. No surprise why you fell for him 27 years ago !!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to sleep with him too. - Mark Severson