Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memory Lane, Ultimate SideDish Supper - Chapter 3

Reason number one why I love D Magazine is because they have great writers.  Reason number two is because they have fun events, like the cruises they organized in 2003 and 2004, an opportunity to enjoy vacation with a group of Dallas chefs.   The picture above is from the 2003 cruise through the Caribbean with featured chef/restaurateurs Sevy, Kent Rathbun, Gilbert Garza, Lisa Garza, Chris Ward, Monica Greene, Joanne Bondy, and me.  The cruise left Ft. Lauderdale, right after they replaced the propellor that fell off as soon as we all boarded.  But a late start cannot stop a chef on vacation - I believe our group rocked that little ship like no other before it. 

Nancy Nichols, with Girl Friday Aimee Deputy (now at Central Market), set up such a fantastic program guests of the ship who were not part of our group were asking the cruise line if they could come to the cooking demonstrations.  Each stop included activities on islands with chefs, one time it was a market tour, another it was a round of golf, I believe Kent went scuba diving with a group.  And for those who had the stamina to stay up, Monica was crowned Queen of the discoteque by the time we left. 

Rocked. The. Casbah.

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