Monday, March 29, 2010

Mi Cocina A Tu Cocina

I'm on a Spanish bent lately, must be that R & D trip to Mexico taken earlier this month.  Anyhow, had a hankering for some brisket tacos and so stopped by the neighborhood Mi Cocina, where I lifted from the check presenter their new flyer, "Worry Free, Full Service Catering from Mi Cocina and Taco Diner".   Their kitchen to your kitchen, as it were (hey boys - catchy slogan, you can use that if you'd like), selling food, yum, a Mambo Taxi, yum, yum, and David, who will take care of all the details. 

We've been catering to offices and residences out of the Sevy's kitchen for many years, but kicked it up a notch almost four years ago to help maximize our capacity.  One of the big downfalls is that because we are licensed as a club we cannot sell off-premise wines or cocktails to our catering guests.  Currently to get a (alcohol) caterer's permit requires you have a type of license which you can't get if you are licensed as a private club .  And I wondered, with the possibility of a vote on revising the wet/dry status of most of Dallas would this change our ability to provide guests with alcoholic beverages in their home or office? 

I know just enough of the Texas Alcholic Beverage Code to know to ask an expert, so I shot an email to Ms. Janet Ivy of the Ivy Law Firm (and author of the TABS on Texas blog), and she replied that since we would have a new (non-club) permit for beverage sales, we:
may get a caterer's permit with the new permit and cater into any area that is covered under the modified mixed beverage law. I believe UP is not a part of this local option so it will remain dry, but HP is wet and the rest of Dallas will be this new 'damp' too. More good news for you!
And for David, too.

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