Friday, March 13, 2009

Halfway Between Here and There

Halfway between here and where? Last week Sev & I had a little overnight getaway and while on the road he was very excited to treat me to his latest restaurant discovery (Thanks Kevin!), the Dairy Palace in Canton, TX.

I've been asked several (hundred) times "What do chefs like to eat?", and this place has the home-style menu. The most expensive item is the Catfish & Shrimp Plate at $11.89, they also have a Salmon Burger ($8.99) and a whole section of "Great Tasting Mexican Food" that includes a Supreme Fajita Wraps (with "East Texas Chicken or West Texas Beef") as well as 12 different (World Famous) Hamburgers.

"Country Breakfasts" (served 24 hours a day) include classics like the #5, Chipped Beef On A Shingle ($3.59) or the #8, Chicken Fried Steak-N-Eggs ($6.39). Along an entire side of the restaurant is the Blue Bell Ice Cream Center, with over 36 flavors like "Black Walnut", "Cake Batter" and "Cotton Candy".

As many times as I've been to First Monday Trade Days, I've never noticed this little place off of I-20, usually I take the exit before. But when we pulled into the parking lot (adjoining the gas station on the corner), it was unmistakeable that the Dairy Palace draws quite a crowd.

This place has quite the following with Dallas chefs too following a certain pig hunting getaway. And I have to concur, it's a treasure of a spot that the big city just can't afford to offer. And not only did Sevy and I stop on the way there, but we stopped the next morning on the way back, too.

Jackpots are relative, I'd like to say I had a winning hand with this find.

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