Friday, November 14, 2008

How To Cook Friday Night High School Football

Your team has made it to the playoffs, and the day of the game the quarterback comes down with severe stomach pains. Nerves? No. Virus? No. Appendicitis? No. Kidney stone? Yup-erdoodle. But the doctors at the hospital say it must have passed that day. So what do you do? Well if you're Jacob Richard Sherrington, you tell the coach "I'm in."

Tonights game, Hillcrest vs. Pinkston (at Forrester Field) was amazing, and not because of the football being played, but because of the heart of one senior who didn't want to miss this opportunity. Sure he passed a kidney stone, he also passed an interception - but The Kid Did.Not.Give.Up. Taking a brief break after halftime, he came back into the game leading the drive to win, Hillcrest 23, Pinkston 15.

I've been a fan of his dad's column for many years, and I consider his mom a dear friend so it's no secret to those of us who know them that this young man inherited a whole bunch of Hero. Well done Jake, you deserve a little R & R - can the chef make you something to eat?

There has never been a question of where he's going to college, he's Razorback through and through. Mr. Jerry Jones, when this kid graduates he's going to need a job, it could only be a plus for the Cowboys. Wooo Pig Souie!

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