Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting By the Numbers - The Chili Index

Since Hillcrest High School has several precincts voting in their library, the HHS Cheerleaders Booster Club will be serving hot coffee and freshly baked goods for the morning crowds, and food for lunch and dinner. Many other North Dallas schools will also be leveraging the increased traffic to help raise funds for activities or improvements. One year at Kramer Elementary, a gentleman was so glad to get a cup of fresh, hot coffee at 6:30 am, he paid with a $50 - and had the moms keep the change.

But it's more than a fundraiser, I've always said that when people come into a school they are unfamiliar with, nothing gives a better impression than parents greeting them and the smell of something delicious wafting through the air. Wherever you're voting, or even if you've already voted, look for these hard working helpers at your neighborhood school, and buy what they're selling - they're doing it for you.

Some years we've gotten together and made homemade tamales to sell for lunch, this year there just wasn't the time. So a couple of us have volunteered to make some big pots of chili, and I'm also baking mini-corn muffins to go with. I'm not cutting back on quantities, despite the prediction that the traffic on election day may be low due to early voting. If we have leftovers, we'll just share them with the teachers and staff.

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