Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Christmas In Plano This Weekend

At first I didn't think the 'Neath the Wreath preview event in Plano last night would have anything that would interest me. I mean, I still have a room full of Christmas junk all over my dining room that never quite made it up to the attic - like I need more? But it didn't take long to realize that there was a lot of food involved - Texas food - good Texas food. Which I purchased readily for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and to give as hostess gifts over the December holidays (maybe it was the complimentary wine?).

All Star Dips (East Texas) had packets of dip mix in about 20 different flavors, several were certified Kosher. But what caught my eye was the inventive container that kept their samples cold. A styrofoam sleeve inside of a wicker basket allowed for a storage container inserted in through the top which could keep a dish either hot or cold, depending on your requirements. Bought that. The sweet couple from Company's Comin' (Hearne, TX) had Dinner In A Jiffy bags and were serving piping hot samples of their King Ranch Casserole Mix, bought that too. And Easy As Pie (Hearne, TX too) was giving samples of various pies made from their mixes; added to my bag was Chocolate Puddle, Praline, Cherry Crumble and Sugar Daddy.

The one thing I would have loved to buy was the yummy nuts from Davis Mountain Nut Company (Fort Davis, TX), but as I tasted the 6 flavors he had out for sampling I knew that these would never make it out of my kitchen. I think I gained 5 lbs. just while talking to the gentleman running the booth.

There was much, much more, I had to leave early and only saw a fraction of the vendors' booths. But my VIP ticket is good for the entire run of the show (through Sunday), and I may send Sister and Gma back for more. This event benefits the Junior League of Plano, and is being held at the Plano Convention Center. Hurry before they sell out of everything!

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