Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home Kitchen - Home Fries In Under 20 Minutes

"Home Fries?" My heart did a pitter-pat as I read this on the menu of a recently opened NY deli transplant in my neighborhood. Also known as American fries, Cottage fries or Country fries, they are typically pre-cooked potatoes pan-fried in butter or oil. Sad to say this deli had not the real thing but the typical "quickie" version of deep fried uniform mini-cubes of processed potato.

My Dad used to make "American fries" (as we called them) growing up, he was the early bird in the family and made his three girls breakfast every morning when we were young. Hubby does a fabulous Southwest version on our Easter and Mother's Day brunch menu, but I love the old traditional potatoes and onions sauteed until burnt darkly browned. Yum.

Most recipes tout the value of this dish, utilizing left over potatoes from dinner the night before. Right. I've developed my own recipe that takes about 20 minutes, or just enough time to cook a pound of bacon in another pan. Please note that I make a big batch - because the leftovers are wonderful mixed with cheddar cheese and baked in a pan for dinner.

Wash 4 large potatoes cut in half, cross-wise. Poke each with fork 6-8 times, microwave for 3 minutes. Turn over potatoes and microwave an additional 3 minutes (until tender). While potatoes are microwaving, large dice 2 large onions. Heat pan (medium high) with 2 TBL. oil, when hot add onions. Remove potatoes from microwave, while hot, peel and dice the potatoes and throw them in the pan with the onions. Add another 2 TBL oil, let cook until potatoes and onions are brown on the bottom (5 minutes), then flip. Keep cooking until desired doneness. Season them however you like, Sevy's Seasoning, onion salt, dried herbs, fresh pepper, chili powder, whatever floats your personal boat.

Did You Know? Potatoes (a member of the nightshade family) turn green with exposure to light, it is an indication that a toxin, solanine, has reached a not-good level. Not that it could kill you, but it can cause gastric distress (upper and lower) and headaches. Yuch. So make sure to remove any greened potato "meat" when you peel. Also, solanine can be at an increased level even in some potatoes that are still white - so if a potato tastes bitter - don't eat it!

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Rencontres Suz said...

I love potatoes . Thats the main vegetable i eat. Thank you for sharing that simple recipe.
Should try it.