Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National June Month

National Tomato Day was June 1st, I missed it, maybe you did too. But June is a busy "National" month, including National Hunger Awareness Month. Dallas-based Telligent Systems recently teamed up with the North Texas Food Bank and Tyson Foods (and 448 Texans who clicked on the webpage) to deliver 15 tons of protein to the hungry in our area through their Pledge to End Hunger initiative. Check it out, anyone can help with just one click - this is definitely the time to do it.

Other "National's" this month include National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, which includes National Eat Your Vegetables Day on 6/17; National Turkey Lover's Month (which raises the question, if you love the Turkey, how can you eat the bird?); National Dairy Month justifies the Paciugo gelato stop yesterday; National Soul Food Month; googling "National Candy Month, Dallas" brought up lots of links to DallasDirt blog over at DMagazine, sweet; National Iced Tea Month led me to Uniquely Tea, a tea blog with tons of tea information.

For the non-cook National food days, enjoy National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day on June 13th, there are even e-cards you can send your kitchen klutzy friends, here.

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