Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On The Road - Points North, South, East and West

Travel over the last month has consisted of quick family getaways, but they've all had two things in common. The car and the heat. Some destinations, like Van, Texas (east) and Columbia, MO (north) were definitely not food related, but points west (Glen Rose) and south (San Antonio) were about the food as much as the mini-vacation.

After this week's airplane mishap I'm beginning to see hubby's aversion to flying, friendly skies or not. Besides, we're more "it's about the ride than the destination" folks. I could easily see us in semi-retirement with a little traveling home, equipped with a little Combi Oven and a wood-burning grill, going from fishing spot to fishing spot around the country. Well, maybe after college tuition for both kids have been paid.

Hot, hot, hot, of course my theory is that wherever we go it is going to turn hot. In a couple weeks I'll be putting that theory to the test. IJS, regardless of the forecast, Boston, break out your summer clothes.

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