Thursday, July 2, 2009

Perfectly Crappy

Reading the UT-D School of Management alumni ('90) magazine turned up the greatest "Dallas" food find, Jennifer Schaertl and her website, . A 2003 graduate of UT-D, she then spent several years in Brooklyn, learning how to manage to cook in a 300 square foot apartment.

Returning to Dallas she attended El Centro's culinary school, and in March was hired as the head chef at the North Central Surgical Center at Central and Park Lane. Previous Dallas employers include Savory, Taste, The Grape and Suze restaurants.

But the juicy part is the publication in the fall of her book, Gourmet Meals in Crappy Little Kitchens (HCI Books), and apparently a proposed TV show which is being shopped to producers according to the website. Until such time, you can enjoy her gig here, her Crappy Little Kitchen Video and sign up for her newsletter at her Crappy Little Guestbook with the 115 others who have already done so.

She credits skills she learned in The School of Management for helping her draft her business plans and proposals. I completely concur.

I love this crap! Good luck Jennifer!

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