Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deadly Sweet

OK admittedly I'm short on time today, payroll is waiting to be input and we're painting Sister's bedroom. So I'm sending along this link to a great piece of writing by Marion Nestle on her blog, Food Politics. About the too-much sugar in our diet and how this is further complicated when nutritionist groups endorse sell their endorsement of products that are questionably "healthy".

My goal of packing a healthy lunch for school is undergoing a huge transformation - the salad, carrot sticks and fresh fruit are OK, but gone is the small organic Australian-themed (via Napa) yogurt. I checked and it contains over 5 teaspoons (25 grams) of sugar in that one little cup!

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Pearl said...

I agree. Last year I spent five months living in Paris and changed my diet--primarily by cutting out sugar and processed sugar in food. I felt better and lost 15 lbs. Since returning to the States, I have fought with weight but also in trying to keep sugar out of my diet. Even things like pickles, yogurt, bread contain far too many grams. You truly have to shave your diet to the basics to avoid teaspoonfuls of sugar in everything.