Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everybody's on Facebook These Days

Write a check on a closed account?  That's a felony, dude, you owe us $160 for that bad check.  Nobody at the restaurant seems to know you, but moi, recently turned ON to Facebook figures you're there somewhere.  And I was right, and so I feel lucky it was only $160, someone is obviously pissed off about the $12,000+ you scammed.

Stephen Michael Luedders, you've been a very, very bad boy.  Shame on you.


b.little said...

I'm the guy he scammed out of $12000. Sorry he got to you folks, but be glad it was only for $160I've been doing my best to get him arrested and he'll be getting his just reward real soon.


Bill said...

This guy is a real piece of work! He got me for $12,000 Sorry he got to you too. I'm crankin up the heat so I hope we catch him soon. He also scammed a lady out of a 2006 silver corvette he took up payments on, that he didn't have title to and sold. How does that happen?

Anonymous said...

Subject was arrested my McKinney police offers on a felony theft charge of $12,125 on 6/17/10. He appeared in court on 7/7/10, and is scheduled again in Collin County court on 7/10/10. If you wish to serve him with civil papers for that bad check, you will find him there on that date, hearing is set for 9 AM.