Monday, April 12, 2010

New Place In An Old Spot

Was driving around today and noticed a pair of signs hanging in the front windows of the old Houston's building on Walnut Hill.  Of course I had to pull over and check it out.  Apparently it will be called Glen Lakes Grill, the applicant on the Certificate of Occupancy says Rick Sheen.  Ooh, and they're applying for a Late Hours Permit too, might be more of a club than a restaurant?  I don't think they'll get too much objection from the neighborhood, many, many of the apartments have been torn down in recent years.  One thing they've got going, they're located in the shade of the DART line.

I worked at this place for nine months when it was a Houston's back in 1990.  It had severe sewer line problems, we would have to walk back to the kitchen on upside down glass crates.  I'm sure they're fixing that though.

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