Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kids + Farmers Market = Fun, Volunteers Needed

Are you looking for a one-time, food-related, fun volunteer gig?   The Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter of the AIWF is looking for a few good persons who want to volunteer for the annual Days of Taste down at Dallas' Farmers Market.  I'm signing up, not because I have a 4th grader, but because it's one of my favorite bring-a-smile-to-your-face things to do in Dallas.   You don't have to be a foodie, you just have to want to see some smiling faces as kids (some of whom have not eaten many vegetables in their natural state, ever) make an awesome veggie and pasta salad, which they eat for lunch.

I did it for my kids way back when they were younger, in 2008 I helped with two schools and wrote about it on The Dallas Cookbook.  Read about my voluntary experiences with Hexter Elementary and Kramer Elementary (both DISD) and about how much more was received than given.


How do we teach kids today to eat healthy?
It's not a question of if you are wealthy.
High sugar, sat-fat, too much sodium too,
often the choice of kids through fifty-two.

Days of Taste is a program that helps youngsters see
fresh and healthy options. It certainly must be
considered as tasty and easy to fix
for kids to agree to a McDonald's nix.

Support this great program, help it grow through Big D
by sponsoring schools in this fun opportunity.
Contact your neighborhood school and request,
a Days of Taste sponsorship, bring them the best!

Contact Robin Plotkin to sign up for your date today.  Close your eyes, take a step, make the call, smile, it's that easy to do something new.

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robinplotkin said...

Yay! Thank you Amy! We are thrilled that you are coming back to volunteer with us. Please bring your readers and make it a Dallas Cook Book Day at Days of Taste!