Monday, April 26, 2010

Second Clue - Location 3

Did I mention the boss is out of town for a few days?  Doing a little hunting and fishing.  He just told me he shot a wild turkey.  I just told him I haven't gotten any work done since he left.

Let's see if this clue helps with the others posted earlier.  First to answer correctly the names of any of the restaurants that have been in this location wins a jar of Jim "Sevy" Severson's Sweet Ancho Chile Relish made by Canyon Specialty Foods of Dallas.

UPDATE:  Rob Banes over on Facebook (Amy Severson) answered correctly, "Ciudad" was one of many restaurants in the 30 + years this development has been around.  Connection to Il Sorrento - Il Sorrento was on Turtle Creek Blvd., Ciudad was in Turtle Creek Village.


Darren said...

Oh, how I miss Ciudad! Loved having brunch on the patio!

Amy Severson said...

I miss Monica's hugs. She was the best hugger.