Sunday, October 11, 2009

Foot Pillows

Four hours in heels at Terry Costa yesterday afternoon plus four hours in heels at the Zoo To Do last night, today my feet are reminding me why I chose a desk job. So until the first two ibuprofen of the day kick in, and needing some diet Dr. Pepper and a daily paper, I have a suffer free secret that helps me face the day.

I don't know what the name of these shoes are, but I call them Foot Pillows because the moment I put them on aching feet, my feet feel good. Croc-like, but with a mesh upper and better styling, they breath and aren't too clunky, and I have them in 4 different colors. Mine are a little grungy because I've worn them all over First Monday Trade Days and and out in the garden digging up weeds.

Unfortunately they're no longer for sale at Walmart, good thing I stocked up. I'm keeping an eye out in case they bring them back.

Too bad I can't wear them for the next shift at TC today.

UPDATE: And I meant to mention how the Zoo fundraiser went (besides serving over 800 plates of shrimp to hungry party-goers), the Chef's Dine-Around package (Abacus, Chamberlain's, Del Frisco's, Sevy's Grill and Suze) sold for $27,000 - TWICE helping raise $54,000 for the new African Savanna exhibit (which is really coming along from the looks of things).

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