Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now This Is Scary

Hubby's off on a mini-vacation? "No problem", says I, dutifully spending my days filing accounts payable and reconciling petty cash. But at night I've been treating myself for the productive work I've been able to accomplish with the boss gone.

Three restaurants in three nights, and all were pitifully slow for 7:00-7:30, at most maybe 1/2 full. One is known for the long waits people will endure to eat their food (I'm guilty too), but Monday night there were no more than 10 people in the bar, and half the place was empty. Another, a cavernous place granted, really felt empty with only 4 tables of diners and 10 empty hibachi stands. Probably the best business was at the neighborhood corner spot, but even though it was a much smaller space than the other two, it was still 1/2 empty. But that's not what was scary.

At all three locations the server (or servers) made mention that they were concerned about losing their jobs. And they had no idea that I was in the business as well.

Have a Happy Halloween this Saturday, and treat yourself to dinner out as well.

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