Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cooking For Beauty

Yeah, the Beast was great too, but tonight's performance of Hillcrest High School's Beauty and the Beast was all about Belle. 

For those who follow Dallas theater, come and see Lilly Stafford in the starring role - nobody, nobody could believe this girl is a freshman!  One day (when this girl wins a Tony) you'll be able to say you saw her at her high school premier - and I'm not kidding.  

Pipes and poise, wow.

Lilly "Belle" Stafford with Ruby "Chip" Loman

Also a big thank you and standing ovation to Music Director Gary Okeson (Woodrow grad), cellist David Witherspoon, Paul Dutka and Woody Rowand on reeds, Eric Brewer trumpeteer, Nancy Jarrett on Horn, Michael Plotkin percussionist, Scott Eckert synthesizer, and last but most delicious, Hillcrest Band teacher Brian Smith, playing three different instruments!

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