Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You Want How Much For That Bottle?

Louis Louis, oh no you gotta go.
Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
Louis Louis, oh baby
You gotta go.

Thirteen years of great tasting brew
Has Sevy's not been good to you?
At nineteen hundred it's too much to spend
I guess our relationship now must end.


Second bottle's gone, but now I see
A six-year return is too long for me.
There's many a cognac waiting to sip,
Satisfying guests in an economic dip.


OK Let's give 'em something else!

Guitar solo

See Dallas is mostly dry to the bone
As restaurants go, Sevy's ain't alone.
Too bad on E-bay we cannot deal
At eight hundred thirty it's an absolute steal!


Let's take it on out of here now
Let's go!

* UPDATE:  With 21 hours left in the Ebay auction the .75 liter bottle of Louis XIII is now at $1,025, still a significant discount (over 40%!) from retail for those looking to schmooze the boss at the holidays this year!
UPDATE UPDATE:  Auction closed at $1,125 (COUGH, COUGH) I would have paid more if allowed to sell it through my business.

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