Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Thankful Week

I'm feeling Thankful today, the prospects of a home full of family, cooking  and talking, and maybe even some card games has me ready for the holidays to begin.  The Boy arrived home Friday night, in time to catch Sister's performance as a napkin, then off to visit friends at UT Austin for a few days.  We have more family coming down with three appetizer-sized dogs, we'll see how the dynamics of that work with our three 80 pounders.

So this is a long winded way of saying I'm taking the week off, but wanted to leave you with some things to read.  Here are links to some of my favorite Thankful posts I've written on this blog.

The Things We Gift Away - A garden, Alice Waters and a cook book.
How To Cook For Kids - A baseball recipe for East Dallas children.
Cooking In the Eruv - Orthodox Judaism is alive and well in North Dallas.
How To Cook An Eagle  and The Eagle Prepares to Fly -  Not the bird, but a boy named "Mijo".
Friday Night Tailgating - It's A Doozie - Because googling the Doozie Sandwich has sent almost as many people to this blog as Golumpki Soup.
Order In! 70 Smiles - To Go - You can't help but smile when kids eat their veggies.
Dallas ISD - You've Been Served - Kids in the court serve us some delicious results.

Have a happy, safe and Thankful holiday.

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