Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday Night Tailgating - It's A Doozie

Last night's pre-game tailgate featured the usual, parents, kids, veggies and dip, hot dogs, jalapeno sausages ........ and the Doozie (thank you Debbie Jo!). A popular Dallas party sandwich for years, the Doozie was created by the late Bertha Spiritas, a caterer, and (practically)on her deathbed (so the legend goes), she gave her secret recipe to one person.

So if you want to order this great sandwich, you need to call Chef James Burdett at the Jewish Community Center to order them. With thin, thin, thinly sliced bread, multiple meats and a secret sauce they are delicious. He makes the sandwiches out of his home kitchen (they are definitely NOT Kosher), and can deliver them to your home on weekends.

Sevy and I have ordered them for years for an annual post-golf Superbowl get together. They are very "energizing" and soak up the excess libations the golfers may have consumed while competing for the annual championship title. They are so thick we cut the quarters in half to make them more bite-sized.

Well somebody must have fed the opposing team a few Doozies, especially their #3 who kept breaking through our defensive line, wiggly little thing. Final score Hillcrest 21, Parish Episcopal 38, it was a doozie of a game.
(Pictured left, Pershing 5th grader Ford Sherrington tosses the ball with HHS senior Mattia J. Flabiano, IV).

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B.E.R. said...

I know this is a little late in coming but I just ran across your blog. I am Bertha Spiritas's grand-daughter and she did NOT leave the Doozie recipe to James. I happen to have it via my mother and find it fairly insulting that James is making money from my deceased Grandmother's name. FYI, you might want to check on whether it is legal to sell food out of your "home" kitchen per health code.