Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Deep Ellum By Day

Yesterday, running down to pick up some cheese I had to stop and take a second look at how nice Deep Ellum looked - no vagrants, clean storefronts, new businesses. I want to go back. So some day this week I'm going to play hookey from work (again), and go downtown to do some marketing.

I think I'll start early at the Farmer's Market, before temps get uncomfortable and buy a few fresh vegetables, maybe they'll have some early brussels sprouts and broccoli. Then heading north, I'm going to take a right on Main street and maybe stop for a bite to eat at Cantina Dallas, it looks like a nice early lunch place.

Elm Street is another major thoroughfare for Deep Ellum, but it's one-way going into the city. If you continue down Main Street to Walton and take a left, you'll be on the corner of Elm that has some great marketing. The Mozzarella Company is a Dallas food treasure, they are open and sell their goods to the public - don't leave without picking up some Pecan Praline Mascarpone Torta. Right next to the cheese shop is Rudolph's market, they carry some of the best meats in town (yeah, I know Jimmy's is great too, but he doesn't have a cheese factory next door). Plus they have a parking lot.

I noticed one other place that I'd like to stop and try, Rush Patisserie. I could see their neatly painted building in the distance and thought I'd see if there were any reports. From what I've read it might be the perfect end to a day of marketing.

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Margie said...

I want to try Rush, too. I've passed it sooo many times. My lunch suggestion would be Pepe's y Mito's. Great Mexican food. That, or Twisted Root Burger.