Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Raining Cook Books Around Here!

Not that I'm complaining. No sooner did I drop off the last batch of cook books than I got some help getting the word out from Preston Hollow People Newspaper, Back Talk Preston Hollow blog, and the Eats blog (Dallas Morning News). While it didn't bring as many "hits" to the website as the post about free Mojito parties, I did get a great deal of community support.

A big thank you to those who dropped off books, Kathy, Pete, Georgia, and persons anonymous who helped me accumulate this batch. I've learned a really great new thing - Half Price Books gives away free books to teachers and non-profits Saturday mornings at their distribution center (limit 2 boxes), so thanks to them for a boxful of books.

I was glad to see someone else had an affinity to the minimalistic miniature 1950's Peter Pauper Press books, and the "Madame Wu's Art of Chinese Cooking" was actually autographed by the Madame. There were two Helen Corbitt cook books and one was inscribed "Donated in Loving Memory of Molly Waites by Sally Votteler and Family, 2008".

We're at about 150 donations so far, and there's more that have been pledged but not yet dropped off. Thank you all!

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