Friday, September 19, 2008

Post-Football Food Fun

There was a time when everyone went to the former Slider's & Blue's after the game, and even though service was slow and the best thing on the menu was cheese fries, they could handle (hand wobbles up and down here) a large disorganized group of adults and adolescents. Now Slider's location is a big hole in the ground, and we locals have been searching for new post-game digs. In our area of North Dallas we've been splitting time between Goff's Hamburgers and Prego Express, and after Thursday's JV game it was Prego's turn.

However on the way there I mentioned to hubby how a lovely martini would help wash the taste of defeat from our tongues. What about sticking money in Sister's hand and dropping her at Prego's, while we (adults) slide into Woodlands Grill, three doors down? I do not review restaurants or their food on this site, but I will say that the energy at the little place was very high; patio busy, bar busy, restaurant busy. The jeans and t-shirts we wore in were just fine, we didn't feel out of place, and best of all, it was quieter than the place with all the teenagers.

So now all we need is a restaurant with a full liquor license up by Goff's for the every-other Thursday visit.

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