Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zoo Fundraiser Gets "Sp-Iked"

Hullabaloo turned out to be a prophetic name, too bad since so many people have gone to great efforts to make this another successful fundraiser for the Dallas Zoo. Not a cancellation, just a change in location from the zoo grounds to the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. Sevy is busily contacting the other 23 restaurants who agreed to spend their Saturday evening handing out plates of specialties, it's still going to be a delicious evening.

Of course this would have to be some of the nicest September weather ever, tickets are a sell-out, and the chef's were all "good to go" with their dishes for this fun event. But the latest weather report places an inland target on the Big D, and those whipping winds might not be so tent-friendly. Not to mention that the zoo staff will be a little busy tending to the animals that need to be protected from any severe weather.

I still think the alternative fundraising model should be considered - burgers, anyone?
*** Update - due to the severity of the weather forecast, the decision was made to postpone the zoo fund raiser to November 1st.

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