Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wolfgang Dishes on Julia's Breasts

Among other things, I kid you not. Krys Boyd (who happens to be the best talk radio show host in Dallas) interviewed him today on Think (90.1 FM, 12:00 - 2:00, Mondays - Fridays). A witty, honest and entertaining interview with a God of food who is here for the Nasher Speaking Series event tonight - and he's probably checking up on one or two restaurants he's got working here. Well I don't have tickets to tonights event, we're watching Sister cheer for the JV team, so I'm going to settle for the podcast to catch up on the parts I missed.

Which reminds me of my Julia story, it would have been around 1993 or '94 and Julia came to town for a book signing and AIWF dinner in her honor at the Crescent Club (Richard Chamberlain had just returned there from the Little Nell in Aspen). It was a seated dinner, so other than your table-mates, the opportunity to meet and greet was limited. At one point I went to the restroom, as I was washing my hands who should come out of one of the stalls but Herself. I felt like Julia Lewis-Dreyfus in a Seinfeld episode - I mean what do you say, "Here's a towel, I watched you in black and white when I was younger?" So instead I cooly nodded (like she should know who I was) and returned to my table - they were about to serve the Foie Gras course. I kid you not.

After dinner a group of us took Julia to Primo's, to experience the "real Dallas" and to sip and talk about food on the patio. Julia had a beer. I kid you not.

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