Thursday, September 25, 2008

How To Cook A Smile

I just emailed my volunteer shift requests for the upcoming AIWF Days of Taste. It's been a few years, but both the Boy and Sister participated in this wonderful eating program when they were in 4th grade. While I don't have kids participating this year, I can't wait to spend a half-day down at the Dallas Farmer's Market doing something that makes me leave with a big, big smile.

Covering three days, the kids learn about flavors from real chefs, growing food from real farmers, and then they get to spend a day at the farmer's market - that's the part I like to help with. They are split into groups with an adult leader, given a small amount of cash, and let loose to shop for ingredients for a Harvest salad. My group will have a slight advantage - I've learned (and teach to the kids) to barter with dealers for smaller quantities and to negotiate with other groups to "split" items. By doing so, we'll have enough to create a fruit salad for dessert as well.

They can use all kinds of help for this program, and if you're needing a reason to smile or know someone else who does, This Is It. October 27th - 30th, or November 3rd - 6th from 9 am to 1 pm, at the Farmer's Market Resource Center (upstairs).

How do we teach kids today to eat healthy?
It's not a question of if you are wealthy.
High sugar, sat-fat, too much sodium too,
often the choice of kids through fifty-two.

Days of Taste is a program that helps youngsters see
fresh and healthy options. It certainly must be
considered as tasty and easy to fix
for kids to agree to a McDonald's nix.

Support this great program, help it grow through Big D
by sponsoring schools in this fun opportunity.
Contact your neighborhood school and request,
a Days of Taste sponsorship, bring them the best!

IJS, Amy S

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