Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Ready To Be Veep Now

Recent events have led to an evaluation of the talents I've accumulated in my XX years. I've been PTA President, cub scout den mother and run a family of 4 for many years. I'm even a small business owner, I oversee and maintain the financial operations of a restaurant.

Do you know the difference between a pit bull and an accountant? The dog smiles.

Everyone on the PTA knows I'm a fiscal conservative, drove my mini-van for 8 years and faint when spending money over 4 digits is discussed. Done the budgets for the business, the PTA and a house, and still able to save some for the kids college education and retirement. My political views are mixed - how convenient is that - I can appeal (or not) to people in both parties.

I even have a great slogan, "Everyone Works, Everyone Eats, Everyone Bowls".

So Dude, just give me a call, I'm ready to be in the race.

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Anonymous said...

White Russians on me, Chicky Babe.