Thursday, November 5, 2009


Old definition:  An island of east-central Philippines in the Visayan Islands northeast of Leyte in the Samar Sea, an arm of the Pacific Ocean. The island was the first in the archipelago to be discovered by the Spaniards (1521).

New definition:  An island within downtown Dallas, part of the chain of Stephen Pyles Islands on Ross, an arm of the Dallas Arts Center.  The island offers tapas from three regions:  Spain, the Middle East (various countries), and India and you'll want to taste them all.

Luckily we were with two couples who have traveled extensively and have tasted the "real deal", which they fully endorsed as authentically flavored.  My impression?  You can have a wonderful meal and not have to mortgage the house, the setting beautiful and soothing.  Each plate was enough for two to have a full taste of the dish (but they are small, tapas sized helpings)  and in general the wine prices were really affordable.

Of course I don't review restaurants - and truthfully he sent our group out the entire selection of desserts, gratis.    But even if he hadn't, I'd still recommend giving it a try.


Maggie said...

I really enjoyed Samar on our first visit. We set at the counter and ordered whatever they were making that intrigued us. And you're absolutely right about the price - we thought our bill was wrong, it was so inexpensive! Really delicious.

Margie said...

Wait a minute. Did I just hear the name Stephen Pyles and inexpensive mentioned in one article? This, I definitely need to check out.