Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cheerleader Chocolates

They even had a business plan:

Buy the chocolate, melt the chocolate, pour the chocolate, sell the chocolate!

Seriously, if 4 girls can make 41 chocolate suckers in one hour, just think of what the entire squad can do (and it sure beats a car wash in July). The "H" of course, stands for Hillcrest, as in Panthers - but we'll make these for anyone! Woodrow Wildcats and Lake Highlands Wildcats, place your orders now, it's going to be a busy fund raising year. Photos by Jennifer Severson

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Lisa said...

Amy you simply amaze me! I got the email Dave Look sent about the Cheerleader Chocolates (love this idea!) and went to the link and then found your entries. With your full schedule, how do you find the time? I LOVE reading what you have to say! Thank you. Lisa