Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do You Know Any of These People?

I've always said that for a big city, Dallas is a small town. I found a copy of Cocktails to Coffee (1936), by the Dallas Council of Jewish Women at Half-Price Books one day, and since then have wondered if anyone's treasured family recipes are within.

Here's a roll call of active contributors: Mrs. Milton Loeb, Mrs. Helen Haas, Mrs. Julius Adler, Mrs. I. Levy, Mrs. Chas. A Levi, Mrs. Albert Kramer, Mrs. Gus Roos, Mrs. Irvine Weil. Anyone you recognize?

From Mrs. Helman Rosenthal, a drink recipe called Tutti Frutti: This is made in a large Mason jar using the fresh fruit as it comes into season. First, a layer of strawberries on the bottom of the jar, completely cover the fruit with sugar, alcohol and one half water. Put the top back on the jar and put aside until another variety makes its appearance. Fresh pineapple cut into pieces, large black cherries and white grapes are added in turn each time adding some sugar and the alcohol and the water until the jar is filled. The fruit will become quite firm and the mixture will keep indefinitely, if one desires.

Editors Note: Yum, but I would add the step of refrigerate, refrigerate, refrigerate. And while no type of alcohol is noted, I would say that this sounds "Absolut"-ely delicious!


Alfonso Cevola said...
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Alfonso Cevola said...

Gus Roos, didnt he have a clothing store at Skillman and Live Oak backin the '50's?

Pete Peabody said...

Jewish Ckbk. Arthur Kramer Sr. was President of A. Harris.(Which merged with Sanger Bros to become Sanger-Harris) Arthur Kramer married Camille, daughter of A. Harris. The Kramer's lived in close proximity to Stanley Marcus's home on Nonesuch.

badams said...

you mention both my grandmother and great aunt here.... I would love to see this cook book! I cant seem to find a copy anywhere..

Anonymous said...

you have mentioned both my grandmother and my great aunt here.. I would love to see this cook book!!
I cant seem the find a copy anywhere!